Is Tarak's Sentiment Becoming Industry Sentiment?

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Tarak aka Jr. NTR has a sentiment for 9 number and he tries to include that number anywhere and everywhere possible. From his car number plate to house number to even release timing of his film's promotional material has some sort of "9" in it.

Either the time values upto 9, like 4:05 PM, 9:09 AM or 5:40 PM.. etc, or release dates are fancied around such calculations.

Now, this seem to have become Industry's sentiment. Very rarely, we see big film teasers or songs or trailers being released keeping this "9" sentiment away.

Most of them use 4:50 PM, 5:04 PM time stamps to release their content. There is no scientific basis for this usage of timing except for it being a lucky number.

Tarak's team of promoters started using these time codes and now, most of the others are following. Even previous and present promotional team of Tarak is also involved in other film promotions. This might also explain for Industry adapting this "time" sentiment.

Mahesh, Allu Arjun are openly following it for their film promotions and we may see many more adding to it, slowly.

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