Is Tammineni A Speaker Or Broker?: Cong Leader Padma Sri

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The AP Congress leaders have lashed out at Andhra Pradesh Assembly speaker Tammineni Sitharam for making abusive and derogatory comments on Sonia Gandhi, who is currently serving as interim president of the party.

Responding to the criticism from the opposition on the Tirumala declaration, Sitharam said, "Jagan is born and brought in Andhra Pradesh and is proud citizen of the country. I seriously have no clue why the oppositions are crying foul on Tirumala declaration. It's Sonia Gandhi who has fake citizenship,". He even used an offensive word on Sonia Gandhi.

His statements have caused a stir in the political circles. These statements did not go well with the opposition parties especially with the Congress party.

Reacting to these comments, Congress leader Padma Sri questioned the speaker's stand and said, "Being in such a constitutional position, Tammineni is misusing it. Is he a speaker or a broker?"

"People are hating the language YSRCP ministers and speakers are using against the oppositions. If they continue to do, soon they will be rejected by people. We have urged the police commissioner to file criminal cases against Tammineni and also demand CM YS Jagan to terminate him from the speaker position," she added.
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