Is TDP Targeting Jagan's Religion?

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Does the Telugu Desam Party feel that the only way to YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is to attack his religion and link everything and anything to his religious beliefs? It appears so. Unable to attack him on any other issue, the Opposition seems to be ing him on his being a Christian.

On Friday, Tiruapati was agitated over the printing of Christian messages on the obverse side of the bus tickets for Tirumala. This was seen as an attempt to propagate Christianity. The TDP immediately began raising the issue and made a hue and cry. It said this is an attempt to defile a religious place such as Tirupati. But, said tickets, which promoted Jerusalem tourism as an advertisement, were printed during the TDP time and are being used now. This point was raised by YSRCP MP Kanumuri Raghurama Krishnam Raju. He said that the tickets should not have been used on the Tirupati - Tirumala route and added that action would be taken against those who committed the error.  He said this could be a conspiracy to defame the YSRCP government.

He said there is a concerted attempt to attack Jagan because of his religion. Interestingly, a few days ago, his not lighting a lamp in Dallas meeting was sought to be portrayed as anti-Hindu act. But, the fact is that the fire safety norms in the US do not allow lighting of the lamps in auditoriums.
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