Is Sukumar Team Upset With Latest News?

Sukumar team of assistants and others are trying to search for the person responsible for 'Sukumar said Sorry to Mahesh', news it seems.

In the TFI circles, there is a lot of murmurs going on about the person who did really plant the story in such a way that everyone thought it is the correct news information.

As the news spread all-over Sukumar team is upset about it. Saying that Sukumar apologised, makes the people think, it is Sukumar who is the culprit when the mistake is on both sides argued sources.

In any case, there is a section of media  that did work overtime to see that Mahesh doesn't come out as a bad person in all this, it seems.

However, Sukumar did express his regret on losing an opportunity that he worked on so long so hastily, it seems.