Is Rashmika richest actress ever?

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Rashmika Mandanna faced IT raids recently and her publicist released a press note that the actress family business came under the IT scanner, but not her.

But Kannada Media has been very aggressive in talking about her and her possible assets. They are giving reports that the actress has at least Rs. 250 crores, valued assets on her name.

Her publicist recently said that she has started earning a living on her own after becoming a model and an actress, but not before that.

Also said that she has been a prompt payer of Tax ever since she started earning. But Kannada media is saying that the family Business of the actress is on her name and she owns big chunk of shares, properties that belong to the company as well.

So, the total value according to current market prices is said to be Rs. 250 crores and she is continuing as an actress out of passion but not for Money.

If all these reports are true then she will be the richest actress in South Indian Cinema and we highly doubt that. May be her family is rich but Rs. 250 crores just on her name, seems slightly far-fetched.

Anyways, the actress is continuing to act in Telugu and Tamil films. She joined Allu Arjun and Sukumar film sets from 20th January. Bunny will join one week later.
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