Is Rajamouli Student Trying Sukumar Formula?

Rangasthalam opened a market to village films again in Telugu Cinema as it could collect more than 100 crores share and be Non-Baahubali blockbuster of TFI.

Now, we have films like Dorasani, Kalki, Uppena trying Rangasthalam style old world rural dramas set in 70's and 80's.

Dorasani is set in 1940's or even before may be. We don't have a lock on time period yet from the film team, officially. The teaser tries to tell a love story from old Telangana but doesn't specify on the time period.

Now, Rajamouli's first student to become director, Karuna Kumar is re-introducing himself with London Babulu Rakshit's Palasa 1978.

Raghu Kunche is acting as the antagonist of the film. Rajamouli assistants or students couldn't really be as good as their master. Mahadev, Jagadeesh Talasila, Palani and Karuna kumar too failed in their attempts.

Karuna Kumar is trying his luck after 10 years with Palasa. He did Drona with Nithiin before. Let's how this rural formula will work after the failure with action masala formula.