Is RGV losing senses?

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Ram Gopal Varma became a maverick filmmaker in Telugu Cinema with Shiva and pan-Indian Cinema with Rangeela, Satya, Company, Sarkar. He achieved so much that he seems to now, want to lose it all.

He started off with publicity campaigns of his new releases way back in 2006 and till date, he seems to be losing grip on normal senses too.

He shared some weird photos after his NYE party and celebrations. He made his dress designer show off her thighs.

The director might be descending into some sort of insanity as he seemed to be out of control these days, with his actions. Please say that alcohol does have such affect on people over long term.

We don't suggest him anything about what he should do, but this seems too weird and insane, more like cry for help than fun!
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