Is RGV Afraid Of KCR?

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Ram Gopal Varma is synonyms with publicity. He can literally cook up a controversy out of nothing and use it to promote his films. His upcoming film 'Kamma Rajyamlo Kadapa Reddlu' gained huge buzz just with its title and he kept it in news just with his sarcastic and provocating tweets.

He released the trailer, title song and another song about evangelist KA Paul from his upcoming political potboiler. There is a lot of discussion going on over this film and Varma is attending TV debates and interviews to use it his favor.

He recently attended an interview and the host asked why he is making films only on Andhra politics and why can't he make films like 'Reddla Rajyamlo Velama Doralu' focusing on Telangana politics. Varma cleverly escaped the question saying that he likes KCR and he will not be making a film on Telangana politics. With this reply, he is currently facing the heat in social media as people are trolling that he is afraid of KCR and that is why he announced 'Tiger KCR' earlier.

The trolling is getting heavier and let us see what the reply of this maverick director is going to be.
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