Is Puri Eyeing The KGF Star For Next?

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KGF Chapter 1 has become a huge success and Yash, the superstar of Kannada Cinema is now being chased by many directors all over the Country.

Big directors from Hindi Cinema too seem to have plans to make films with the actor. We hear now, Puri Jagannath is looking to get him for Jana Gana Mana.

The director announced the movie with Mahesh but the actor never responded to him after initial meeting and this apparently created a rift between them.

Puri did not appreciate Mahesh's behaviour and if the script was such great, why did he not do it? We don't know for sure.

But Puri is now confident after Ismart Shankar success and he wants to go and do a film in Kannada again after Appu, his Idiot in Kannada.

He did do Rogue in Kannada and Telugu but that movie, Kannada release isn't updated on Internet. It might have been released or it might have just gone under the radar.

If this combination happens and as Puri's action style is more in sync with Kannada regular action masala films, he may get a bigger hit than Ismart Shankar or a loss less venture as he is more economical than many directors. Let's wait and see