Is Paritala Sunitha Leaving TDP?

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Is Paritala Sunitha and her son Sriram keeping a distance from the TDP? Are they planning to look for greener pastures elsewhere and leave the TDP? Paritala Sunita and her son’s absence at Chandrababu's road show, public meeting and protest programme in Anantapur district, and her home turf of Rapthadu has left many an eyebrow. Sunitha met Chandrababu at the airport and greeted him. But, she did not take part in the protest programmes organised by the party in the town.

Sunitha cited ill health as a reason for skipping Chandrababu Naidu's programme. But, her son, who did not have any health issue, too stayed away from the meeting. Ever since the recent electoral drubbing, the family has been keeping a low profile and has not attended some key programmes. Sources say Sunitha has already opened channels with the BJP and is said to be discussing terms and conditions for joining the saffron party.

After the 2019 elections, Chandrababu Naidu has given the responsibility of Dharmavaram assembly constituency to Paritala Sriram. Sunitha is already incharge of Rapthadu. Yet, both mother and the son chose not to join Chandrababu's protest. Even otherwise, several party leaders chose to stay away from Chandrababu Naidu's pro-Amaravati protest in Anantapur district.

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