Is Nithin Damaging Sharwa's Most Important Film?

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Talented hero Sharwanand is facing one of the toughest times in his career right now. All his attempts for success are getting backfired. He did a complete fun-filled love story like 'Padi Padi Leche Manasu' which ended up being a failure. Then he attempted a gangster drama with 'Ranarangam' and it did not impress the viewers at all. His recent release 'Jaanu' which is a faithful remake of '96' is on the verge of getting tagged as a flop.

The next film's success is very crucial for Sharwanand's career. He is acting in a film titled 'Sreekaram' which will be releasing in Summer. Sharwa will be seen as a youngster who is highly educated but left everything behind him and stepped into farming in this rural drama directed by a debutant. Apparently, they will be discussing organic farming and its importance in this flick and it is going to be the USP of the film as per sources.

But news is that another young hero Nithin is discussing about the same thing in his upcoming romantic comedy 'Bheeshma'. The benefits of organic farming will be discussed briefly in this flick as per insiders. On the other hand, Sharwa's film is entirely based on that. Many people are worrying that 'Sreekaram' may lose its novelty if Nithiin's film discusses about this issue beforehand. Let us wait and see if 'Bheeshma' affects 'Sreekaram' in any way or not.
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