Is Narendra Modi Indian Citizen?

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While the nation is witnessing violent protests and unrest on the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act(CAA), an RTI application was filed in Kerala to know whether Prime Minister Narendra Modi is an Indian citizen or not.

Going into details, Josh Kalluveettil a resident of Chalakudy town in Thrissur has filed the application on Jan 13 on Modi’s Citizenship. Reportedly the applicant has asked documents that prove the citizenship of Modi.

Speaking at an event, Narendra Modi said, "I repeat again, Citizenship Act is not to revoke anyone's citizenship, but it is to give citizenship".

"People here have become aware of the kind of persecution the Hindus in Pakistan face. Pakistan is now answerable to us," he added.

Now the RTI application has got limelight as Kerala is strongly opposing the CAA. Let's wait and see how the BJP responds to this.
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