Is Mudragada Joining The YSRCP?

angling the carrot of 5 per cent reservations to the Kapus. But, the Kapus in general, did not believe in both these leaders and went with Jagan. Maximum number of Kapu votes went to the YSRCP.  

Interestingly, Mudragada largely remained silent and did not offer support to anyone. He did not respond even when Chandrababu Naidu announced 5 per cent reservations. He remained silent and was non-committal about his support to any of the formations. As a result, the Kapus voted freely and most votes went to the YSRCP. If sources are to be believed, Jagan has assured to allocate Rs 10000 crore every year for the Kapu Development Corporation to advance loans to Kapu youth and to take up welfare schemes. He has also indicated that Mudragada would be made Kapu corporation chairperson if he wanted. Also, he would be made Rajya Sabha MP from the YSRCP. Mudragada's ascension as Rajya Sabha MP would address the caste imbalance in the YSRCP Rajya Sabha MPs. If this happens, the Kapu votes will consolidate behind the YSRCP and this will further weaken both the Jana Sena and the TDP.