Is Mudragada Joining The YSRCP?

Mudragada is making his next moves. The maverick Kapu patriarch, who likes to keep everyone guessing, is said to be working out plans for his political future. Mudragada, who had worked as a minister in the past, is known more for his leadership of the Kapus and his strong and unflinching espousal of the Kapu cause. He has shifted the gears of the Kapu agitation after the 2016 Tuni incident. He began attacking Chandrababu Naidu and has written quite a few letters to him on the Kapu issue. There was a talk at that stage that Mudragada would join the YSRCP.

But, things suddenly changed and the TDP made hectic attempts to bring the Kapu leader into the party. A senior Kapu leader was deputed by the TDP to hold parleys with Mudragada and the Kapu JAC at Kirlampudi. The TDP had even promised to give party ticket to Mudragada Padmanabham's son Challa Reddy. Then there were rumours that he would join Pawan Kalyan's Jana Sena. But, in both cases, there was no confirmation from Mudragada. He kept his cool and remained silent. He never said Yes and the rumours died a natural death.

Now, sources close to Mudragada Padmanabham say that he has decided to join the YSRCP. He reportedly held parleys with the senior leaders of the YSRCP. They also said that YS Jagan had given his nod to Mudragada's joining the party. Sources also revealed that Mudragada had indirectly campaigned for the YSRCP and asked the Kapus to back YS Jagan. Several Kapu leaders are expressing the confidence that Mudragada will finally join the YSRCP.

Though nothing concrete has emerged so far, the news is creating quite a sensation in East Godavari district.