Is Mohan Babu More Powerful Than Pawan Kalyan?

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Who is more powerful – Mohan Babu or Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan? Mohan Babu will sure win this contest hands down pipping past Pawan Kalyan. Yes. Consider these. Pawan Kalyan left for Delhi on Saturday night. He landed in Delhi two hours later. But till now, there is no confirmation of Pawan managing to meet any of the BJP top leaders. He has been whiling away his time in Delhi waiting for VIP appointments.

On the other hand, Mohan Babu, his son Vishnu, daughter Manchu Lakshmi and daughter in law Vironica left for Delhi, directy met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and spent half-an-hour with him. Now, that's no mean thing considering how busy Modi normally is. Later on the same evening, he and his family members met BJP president and Home Minister Amit Shah. Mohan Babu left for Delhi without much ado and managed to secure appointments with two of the busiest persons in the country silently. He met them with his whole family and spent time with them.

Now look at Pawan Kalyan! There was a buzz that he would meet JP Nadda – No 6 in the BJP pantheon, after Modi, shah, Rajnath and Nitin Gadkari. But, even that meeting did not happen. So, Pawan is now waiting in New Delhi for the appointment of the BJP biggies.  The question is why did he go to Delhi if he did not have appointments? Will he come back without meeting any leader? All this shows that Mohan Babu has more clout in Delhi than Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan.
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