Is Modi Trying To Finish off These Media Houses?

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A decision taken by Prime Minister Modi's government is sounding a death knell for the already beleaguered and trouble-torn print media. The print media, which is already beset with several problems and is suffering onslaught from the Web, YouTube and the electronic media, is now finding running the newspaper an uphill task.

The Modi Government has imposed a 10 per cent customs cess on the important newsprint. Due to this, the production cost has escalated and the media houses are finding it difficult to make both ends meet. This is proving to be an unbearable burden and the managements are unable to handle expenses like salaries and printing costs. As a result, the managements are resorting to cost-cutting. Even big ticket dailies too are bringing down the number of pages. There are severe cuts on tabloids too. A major daily has reduced the number of pages from 20 to 16. If the same trend continues, the number might come down to 12. More and more papers are opting for digital edition format. The newly-imposed cess is ensuring that the companies stop giving increments to their staff members.

Some print houses have already begun downsizing their staff. In some papers, a section of the staff has already been shown the door. Many employees are now opting for self-employment mood.
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