Is Mahesh Turning Into An Entertaining 'Spy'?

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Mahesh played a Spy in Spyder and the movie hurt his fans and he felt it as a big blow to his box office potential as well. The way he tried to make sure that Bharat Ane Nenu was a success, many thought the jolt, he received from Spyder failure, is too high.

He always wanted to attempt all the characters that his father, Superstar Krishna, attempted and some more too. He did Cowboy film, Takkari Donga long time back and since then, his fans have been asking for a James Bond style spy action adventure.

He did not try any after Okkadu and kept himself true to Telugu market. But he has that dream to do a bond character, it seems.

Vamshi Paidipally might bring his dream to life on screen. The director is getting ready to complete the script of 27th Film of Mahesh by April and from May, shoot will start, it seems.

For now, we can only say that the news is a gossip and the reports are confusing. While some are saying that movie is a spy thriller, some are saying that it is a mafia drama.

In any case, the next film of Mahesh Babu won't be having him in Maharshi type of character, it seems. As he got bored of such roles and his fans are also expecting something different from him, now.
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