Is Mahesh Still Hurt With Sukumar?

We can never judge a book by its cover. We have to know complete details before judging people and giving verdicts.

But fans of Mahesh who have been divided on who showed more ego in the presumed ego clash of Mahesh Babu and Sukumar, decided that Sukumar is the main culprit after Mahesh's speech.

The actor remarked that directors are not even waiting for 2 months for an actor when they have story but Vamshi Paidipally waited for him for 2 years to make film with him.

This made fans to think that Mahesh asked Sukumar to wait but the director went ahead to announce film with Allu Arjun in same production house without prior notice.

Well, there is some truth to it say film nagar sources. They claim that Mahesh did not want to lose a chance that Anil Sunkara gave him remuneration wise and also wanted to help his Dookudu producer who lost big in Nenokkadine and Aagadu, his films.

Hence, when he asked Sukumar, how long will he need for script, he said till June and so, he took Anil Ravipudi's project forward to complete it by December and start Sukumar's film from January.

He even asked the director to give him another story choice as he felt what he narrated to him to be weak. Sukumar going by his nature, just reacted to the situation without thinking and announced movie with Allu Arjun. By the time, Mahesh did not make it official that Anil Ravipudi is doing his next!

Anyways, the remarks by Mahesh suggest that the actor is not interested yet to start a film with Sukumar. He may do it or may not in future. But social media is sure that he won't, after his speech at Maharshi event!