Is Lokesh a Soft Target to Leaders?

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Within one month, three leaders have left the TDP party. Leaders like Devineni Avinash, Vallabhaneni Vamshi have left the party very recently.

One thing is very common with all these leaders. All of them have made serious allegations on Chandrababu Naidu's son Lokesh.

Vamshi even said, Lokesh doesn't even know the difference between Birth Anniversary and Death Anniversary.

According to the insider reports, Lokesh has not given the appointment to even for winning MLAs  In the 2019 general elections, TDP got restricted to only 29 seats.

Reportedly, leaders who are expected to leave the party soon are citing the same reason, they cannot work under Lokesh's leadership.

Interestingly, Lokesh has given a counter to Vamshi's allegations. He said that Vamshi joined YSR Congress fearing he might lose his assets. He questioned Vamshi, why he is referring NTR issue which has happened in 2009.
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