Is Janasena trying to ally with BJP?

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The loss of 2019 general elections has changed Actor-turned-politician, Janasena supremo Pawan Kalyan. He never missed an opportunity to show his closeness with the BJP party. He even said that while the YSRCP fears the BJP party he respects the saffron party.

Pawan's recent Delhi led to a lot of speculations that he is in a mood to ally with the BJP party the party which he supported in the 2014 general elections. It has been reported that Pawan met some key leaders of the RSS in Delhi.

Responding to the AP government's decision to have three capitals, Pawan said he will request the BJP party to intervene in the Amaravati row.

These statements are hinting that Pawan is in constant touch with the saffron party. Though he said he will not merge his party with any other parties, unlike his brother Chiranjeevi who merged his Prajarajyam party in the Congress party.

There are rumours that he might have an alliance with the TDP party. But taking the political scenario in the state TDP might not help Janasena in the elections as TDP itself is in deep trouble.

Once Pawan Kalyan completes his Delhi tour and makes an official statement on the alliance we might get some clarity on this.
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