Is Jagan Trying To Finish Off TDP In North Andhra?

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Finally, Jagan has begun luring the leaders from the TDP into the party. After the landslide victory that the YSRCP has won, Jagan has consistently spurned offers from the YSRCP to join his party. Several leaders approached him with an offer to join the party. But, he refused entry to them.Now, he has decided to allow some key TDP leaders into the party.

Why? Sources say, this has got to do with the party's performance in the recent election. The party has won eight of the 10 seats in Srikakulam and lost two of them. Similarly, it lost the Lok Sabha seat by a whisker.TDP's Kinjarapu Rammohan Naidu has won by less than 3000 votes. Jagan now wants to ensure that the whole of North Andhra is back into its kitty. So he is planning to bring some key TDP leaders into the party.

The party sources say that this leader from the TDP would be given the Rajya Sabha seat on joining the party. This way, the YSRCP is planning to further weaken the TDP in the region.  Similarly, he is planning to give an important position to former union minister Killi Krupa Rani due to caste considerations. Krupa Rani joined the YSRCP ahead of the Lok Sabha elections.