Is Jagan's Media Team Letting Him Down?

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Will some one tell YS Jagan that he has put up a very shoddy team to take care of the media and the PR? Jagan's media team, which comprises several names from the Sakshi group, is only reactive and is unable to provide proper inputs to the spokespersons. Also, there is severe infighting and utter lack of communication between the media and PR team of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. A mediapeson, who is taking care of Jagan's media relations, was recently found romancing a female reporter of a reputed media huse in Goa. The couple were cavorting around each other in Goa even as YS Jagan is battling a massive media onslaught on the Amaravati issue back home.

The party media team too is lagging behind in providing timely inputs to spokespersons. So, it is taking almost more thn 24 hours for the YSRCP to respond to allegations by the TDP leaders. Even diehard YSRCP and Jagan supporters are unhappy at the inactive PR and media wing of the YSRCP. Several YSRCP leaders have pointed out to this lacuna in the party's internal fora.  There are also allegations that the media team of YS Jagan is more busy fixing appointmens for money and in hobnobbing with the business houses.

Several YSRCP spokespersons are unhappy that the media tem of YS Jagan is utterly useless in addressing their input needs. The TDP had a better and well-oiled media team, which provided timely inputs to the party spokespersons, said a senior YSRCP leader on condition of anonymity.
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