Is Everything Well In Nalgonda TRS?

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The TRS party which is facing issues like the RTC disputes and the road accidents which raised so many questions on road safety is reportedly facing another big crisis in a region. It has been reported that two leaders of the same region are not seeing each other face for a long time.

If the insider reports are to be believed, Gutta Sukhender Reddy, Chairman of Legislative Council visiting the Nalgonda district is not going well with other leaders of the TRS party.

Going back into his political history, he became MP twice from the Nalgonda district on Congress ticket. Later he joined the TRS party and looking at his work, KCR made him Chairman of the Telangana Legislative Council.

Another TRS leader is representing combined Nalgonda in the Telangana cabinet is not happy with Gutta joining the party reportedly. Things between them are not going well since his entry to the party.

Earlier, Gutta tried very hard to get the Minister post but failed to get the same. So he is having regular visits to be in touch with the leaders who support him.

Both the leaders are having their game plans to counter each other and this news did not go well with the TRS party.
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