Is Delhi Elections An Eye-Opener For BJP?

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The election results of the Delhi Assembly polls have indicated that the BJP party is slowly losing its control in the elections. While the BJP is expected to win around 20+ seats in Delhi the party got restricted to just 15 seats.

Kejriwal's AAP emerged victorious in spite of the election campaign did by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah who took the elections as crucial.

Though the early counts stated that the saffron party might win 20 seats in Delhi the saffron party barely managed to win only 12 seats and secured the second position while the Congress party did not win any seats.

At least if the BJP might have won the 20+ seats in the polls the party it might have been a good relief to the saffron party which is losing its empire rapidly.

The election results of Maharashtra and Jharkhand are an eye-opener to the party to which the BJP kept a blind eye.

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