Is Chiru152 Facing Budget Cuts After Sye Raa?

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For Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy, Ram Charan and Chiranjeevi did not think about budget and cost cutting at any point. They went for Hollywood technicians, big sets and vast, lavish production values for every frame.

They had to cut out many scenes that they have canned to assemble the final cut and this made Ram Charan think about cost effective production for their next it seems.

Looking at the return capacity and the strength of the market for Chiranjeevi in Telugu states, he is okay to go for 65-85 crores production budget but not for 150 or 180 crores budget, which needs other markets to share the burden.

Hence, the team was asked to revise script requirements like lavish sets, actors who can be replaced, scenes that can be re-imagined in lesser cost and also asked to avoid  budget allocation in different schedules for additional requests that are absolutely avoidable.

Accordingly, Siva Koratala team is planning to give two estimates for constructing a Temple set and for taking a small temple for rent in a village, separately. Before Sye Raa, the team checked the designs and structure of Simhachalam, Konark Temples to come up with their own set which has all the architectural qualities and own spin on the original design like Madhurai Meenakshi Amman Temple in Arjun film.

If the budget for construction of a Temple is too high, the team is planning to go for a lesser known temple renovation and usage for shooting. But the permission from Government, Endowment Department and Cultural Heritage NGOs to go ahead with this plan is key, which can take time.

Constructing a Temple set and finishing the shoot will give a chance for VFX extension of sets. But they can cost little bit more and even take time as designing the architecture believably in animation is a difficult process.

For now, at Kokapet, demolishing Sye Raa sets, Chiru152 team has completed new house and Colony sets, where hero and heroine will participate in the shoot.

Megastar Chiranjeevi is waiting for the cast to be finalised before Koratala Siva starts shooting. Trisha could be his leading lady as per reports. He could be playing an officer from Cultural Heritage and Endowment Department in the movie, who takes care of old heritage sites like Temples.
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