Is Chandrababu Trying To Get Close To Modi Again?

Down in the dumps after a humiliating defeat in the recent elections, ousted from power in the State and reduced to just three MPs in Lok Sabha...!! Not just that! There are reports that his money-bag Sujana and his proxy CM Ramesh too might ditch him and his Rajya Sabha team would be reduced to just one MP from six MPs. To add to his woes, a vindictive Modi and a vengeful Amit Shah are trying to get his goatee.

 All these are enough for Chandrababu to raise a white flag and sue for peace. Sources say that Chandrababu is now trying to revive his ties with the BJP and placate Modi-Shah combine. The latest indication is the totally pro-BJP stand taken by the TDP MP at the all-party meeting on the issue of One Nation - One Poll proposal. The TDP not only supported the BJP and also assured of its cooperation. Chandrababu is now trying to distance himself from the Congress Party to good humour the BJP.

In the run-up to the election, Chandrababu had run the most virulent possible campaign against Modi and the BJP and tried to unite all the non-BJP parties against Modi. He had toured all non-BJP states to drum up support for the Congress. Babu, it appears, has realised his folly now.