Is Chandra babu getting saffronised?

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Poor Chandrababu Naidu!! He is doing everything he can to please the BJP.  After humiliating defeat in the 2019 general elections, he has become a wise man and is praising the Modi government for everything. His main aim is to get back into the good books of Modi again.

Recently, a band of Hindu youths have gone to Tirupati to protest against the large presence of the Christian employees in the TTD administration. They realised that Chandrababu was touring Chittoor and was in Tirupati on that day. So they met him with a memorandum on the issue. Chandrababu Naidu feigned surprise at the large presence of Christians in TTD administration and told the delegation that they should meet Narendra Modi. "He is doing great work for Hinduism," Chandrababu allegedly told them.

The team was baffled because most of these employees were appointed during the TDP rule and the issue has been boiling for quite some time. Chandrababu's feigning of ignorance is laughable. But more surprising is his praise of Modi for being a very 'staunch Hindu. Is Chandrababu Naidu getting saffronised?
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