Is BJP slogan BC Chief Minister in Telangana?

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The BJP's national leadership has focused its efforts on strengthening the party in Telangana. The BJP, which is in power in the majority of states in the country, has been engaged in the task of expanding the army across the country after Narendra Modi became prime minister. BJP elders are also planning to expand the party in the southern states after coming to power at the Center for the second time.

BJP has won four parliamentary seats, is planning to disrupt the TRS in power in the state. Now the party focuses on BC's as in Telangana most of the people are BC's

Dattatreya, who belongs to the BC community in Telangana, has been given the opportunity to be the governor of Himachal Pradesh. There is also the possibility of Laxman, the current party president belonging to the BC community.

BJP leaders, on the other hand, say that many BC leaders from the ruling party and other parties are likely to join the party. Some of them say that they are famous leaders.
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