Is BJP playing with students lives?

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Is BJP playing with Students lives? Now, this is the main question the public has. The situation seems to be like this because earlier BJP passed the CAA bill. The main protests began from JNU campus and Assam opposing the bill. On Sunday evening AVBP students entered JNU campus and attacked JNU students. In this attack, 3 lecturers and 28 people were injured. The good news is all the students are safe till now and no one died in the attack. The injured students have recovered and raised their voice, this time they filed an FIR on the students. Now many people started thinking is this a secular country or not. The present situation seems to be like this.

Till now no one were arrested for beating the students in the JNU campus with rods and sticks. The sad part is all the officials were supporting the ABVP people. At the time of the attack, the lights were switched off in the campus. Media were not allowed into the campus and journalists who went to report the issue were also attacked.

A doctor Tweeted, that his team was stopped by a large number of protesters, and they vandalized the ambulance glasses, they stopped the ambulance. After seeing this citizens are getting doubts that is this the secular country or any other.
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