Is BJP Wooing YSRCP, DMK Into NDA Fold?

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Many politicians are wondering how YS Jagan could get two hours time from ever busy Narendra Modi. YS Jagan is going to meet Modi on Wednesday to discuss a whole range of issues, including allocations to various welfare schemes, financial deficit, dissolution of the legislative council and the three capitals issue.

But, sources say that the current political scenario is going to be the hottest topic of discussion among the PM and the CM. The Delhi defeat is likely to figure in the discussion and highly placed sources say that the BJP is interested in getting the YSRCP into the NDA. Sources say that given the successive defeats in the assembly elections, the party's hopes of getting a majority in Rajya Sabha on its own have been dashed and the BJP now badly needs parties like YSRCP and the DMK.So, the BjP is said to be mulling offering berths in the union cabinet. While one does not know whether YS Jagan will take the offer or not, it is clear that the BJP needs the YSRCP more than the YSRCP needing the BJP.

The BJP is also said to be wooing the DMK to enter into an alliance in Tamil Nadu. In return, it is said to be promising ministerial berth to Kanimozhi. It remains to be seen whether the DMK takes the bait or not.
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