Is At Least Aditya Verma Team Interested In Their Film?

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It is hard to find a switch that can stop a person like SS Rajamouli from promoting his movie extensively, before release. Others have been going up and down, with various activities but he is the master in promoting and marketing a film.

On contrast, we are observing Chiyaan Vikram who used to be similar to SS Rajamouli in terms of actively promoting his films lost interest in them and even in his son, Dhruv's first film.

Being a remake of biggest blockbuster in Hindi, Kabir Singh and a cult hit in Telugu, Arjun Reddy - Adithya Varma should have been in the news much more than what E4E production house has managed over an year.

Bala's version at least got negative feedback and some press coverage but this Greesayya's version seems to be slipping under the radar, sinking into the ocean of failure more and more.

Recently, they announced that songs will be released on 22nd October but we couldn't find anyone being excited about it.

The production house should have been aggressively asking for fan support by now but they seem to have lost interest in the film, themselves too.

Dhruv Vikram might just move to USA or UK to study fine arts and come back to work in films as he always wished too. But for rest of the team, these promotions will just kill their careers.  

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