Is Anil Ravipudi Capable Of Handling Jr. NTR?

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We don't want to pre-judge and say that someone is not talented enough to handle a hero but the question is persistent and we do need answers to it. The question is, Is Anil Ravipudi capable of handling a big star?

Anil Ravipudi said that he missed a chance to direct Tarak a.k.a Jr. NTR. He is definitely a successful director but till now, his films and content looked more in tune with medium range stars.

One might argue that he went with the kind of stars' image he is doing films at the moment but he did not show enough promise to make a film that satisfies all groups in the audiences.

F2 definitely is an improvement over his Raja The Great, but he still has issues like lengthy climaxes, repetitive sequences where he tries to say same thing again and again within the film.

Also his villains are not as powerful as he desires them to be. Some could feel this is a harsh judgement as they prefer his style more, but when there is a chance to improve, why not one hope and try for it?

He is great with comedy and NTR over the years has been great at it. So, we might see another Chari but we also want him to be as powerful as Aadi or Simhadri too.

Hope Anil Ravipudi does get a chance to rectify such observations about him.