Is Ajit Pawar The Biggest Winner In Maharashtra Drama?

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Despite rebelling against uncle Sharad Pawar, NCP leader Ajit Pawar may not be sidelined. What more, he might even get a plum post in the new government. Sources say he may even become the deputy CM under Uddhav Thackeray and would thus keep the same position that he was offered by the BJP.

Sharad Pawar, a seasoned politician, knows that Ajit is a formidable leader with considerable following in the party. There are several MLAs who will side with him if the conditions are favourable. Also, he is hugely popular in Baramati region and is winning by very big margins. By being deputy CM and minister several times, he has a following of his own. If he is antagonised, he could emerge as another power centre among the Maratha community. Hence, Sharad Pawar might co-opt him rather than sideline him. By honourably rehabilitating, he would also eliminate groupism in the party.

Also, Ajit Pawar did not resign from the NCP and claimed that Sharad Pawar is still his leader despite supporting the BJP in the government formation. In fact, he is the biggest beneficiary of this whole sordid drama. He showed he can rebel and yet rejoin the party. He has got the corruption cases against him quashed by the BJP government. If he gets a plum post, he would be triply happy. He will still be a deputy CM
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