Is AP CM Jagan a people's CM?

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The Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy is considered as the people's CM. After the new CM came into the power the situation of Andhra Pradesh state changed. Now the people started thinking that the CM Jagan Mohan Reddy is the real Chief Minister, who came to change the fate of Andhra Pradesh people.  

The people of Andhra Pradesh state are confidently saying that the AP Chief Minister Jagan is the real CM and the people's CM. The schemes introduced by him say that. On Thursday AP CM introduced the 'Jajananna Amma Vodi' scheme, which is going to benefit 43 lakh mothers, the interesting facts about this scheme were, the children should have a minimum of 75 percent attendance, 15,000 rupees will directly go into the bank accounts, every year, till the child completes the 12th standard. The students who discontinue their studies are not eligible for this scheme.

Now Jagan took another shocking decision, said the officials to change the food menu in 'Mid-day meal' scheme. The changes will be implemented from January 21, here is the menu

Monday: Rice, sambar, Egg curry, sweet. Tuesday: Tomato dal, Pulihora, Boiled Egg. Wednesday: Vegetable Rice, Aloo Kurma, Boiled Egg, Sweet. Thursday: Boiled Egg, Kitchidi, Tomato Chutney. Friday: Rice, leafy Vegetable Dal, Boiled Egg, Sweet. Saturday: Rice, Sambar, Sweet Pongal.

Seeing this we can say that the Chief Minister concentrated on the future generations of the Andhra Pradesh state. By giving them a good education and quality food.
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