Insider Trading: 493 Acres For Balayya's S-I-L!

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YCP Government began exposing Insider Trading deals happened in the capital region during TDP rule one after the other. The Ruling Party accused Balayya's Close Family Member of getting benefited with such unethical land deals.

Botsa Satyanarayana alleged TDP Government sanctioned Rs 493 crore for the Family of Balakrishna's Son-in-Law Sri Bharath prior to the official announcement of AP Capital region. He added, 'This particular land was later brought into CRDA limits later. Isn't this Insider Trading?'.

The Minister accused TDP Leaders including Sujana Chowdary of buying huge lands in the AP Capital Region for low cost just before Amaravati was declared as capital. He wondered if it can't be termed as one of the biggest land scams ever happened in AP.

At a price of Rs 80,000 per Acre, 493 Acres of Government Land in Jayanthipuram Village was allotted to VBC Fertilisers owned by Sri Bharat's Family in February 2015. Which means, Almost Rs 2,000 crore worth land was given away for just around Rs 4 crore. What would CBN and Balayya say about it?

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