Trailer Talk: Intriguing "India's Most Wanted" chase!

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Arjun Kapoor might have proved that he is a single tone actor but Rajkumar Gupta is one of the best directors of Indian Cinema for sure.

His No One Killed Jessica is still talked about in media circles as one of the most positive depiction of court trail and media's part.

He did deliver a hit in Raid with Ajay Devgn and now, he is looking to come up with his own Baby style movie, India's Most Wanted.

Other patriotic films haven't been a close to reality like this one and even though ''Desh prem-i'', quips have become too common and boring, the premise seems to have been handled by the director well.

Arjun Kapoor seems to be completely out of shape but the actor is confident enough to turn an Ernest performance at least this film, one hopes!

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