Indian Students Made To Share Cell With Criminals?

About 129 Students who were detained for enrolling to a Fake University for overstaying in the US were locked up with Criminals at the Detention Centres. Most of the criminals have committed serious crimes such as murders and rapes.

Indian Embassy, Indian-American Lawmakers and Indian Organisations have responded seriously over this development. They presented the version that the Students were trapped with false promises and it's unfair to make them share the cell with Criminals. A message that Trump Administration has been mistreating the detained students kept spreading rapidly.

The Congress Committee comprising of Four Members including Indian-origin Raja Krishnamurthy found fault with locking up of Indian Students with Criminals. '17 percent of Students studying in the US in 2017 are Indians. India is a major contributor for United States when it comes to education,' told the Panel.

Meanwhile, External Affairs Ministry attained consular access to 117 out of 119 Indian Students by now.