Indian Students Ask For Reprieve From US Fake University Case!

Indian Students have been doped to believe that a US fake University has issued them the Visa Letter and others. They created what all illegal documents the University people asked and US Officials arrested them for VISA crime.

Actually, a fake University is set up by the US Officials to see how students from other countries are doing all the wrong things to attain a US Visa.

They could catch hold of some Indian Students who got greedy and did what all they asked. Now, they are in a federal prison.

Anu Peshawaria, Lawyer of the Indian students in USA argued that it is US Officials who lured into committing such mistakes and on this basis, they should be let to work in USA.

She also said that the students took huge loans to enter the country and they even got driving licences from the documents issued by the University.

Hence, they should be released and given permission to work and repay the loans, she said. Parents of the students are worried and they are trying to contact their children through Embassy!