Indian Origin Politician Asked To Cut Off Turban

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New Democratic Party (NDP) Leader Jagmeet Singh received a racial advice during an interaction with voters in Montreal. One of the Voters suggested Mr. Singh to cut off his turban to look more Canadian. Unperturbed by the advice given to him, He commented: 'Canadians look like all sorts of people'.

In the video which went viral on Social Media, The turban-wearing Sikh Leader could be see shaking hands with a Voter before receiving an advice on how to look more Canadian. After Singh's reaction to his suggestion, The Voter said, 'In Rome, Be like the Romans'. In response, Jagmeet told, 'In Canada, You could do whatever you like'. And then, The Canadian said: 'Alright, Take Care. I hope you win'.

After the video was widely shared on internet, Jagmeet Singh issued a message: 'Don't Change Who You're. Everyone Deserves His Place'.

The Sikh Leader admits facing racism and discrimination just alike many others in Canada. Inspite of facing such things, He created history by becoming Canadian Parliament's first non-white leader representing a major political party.