GoI Steps In To Rescue Detained Students In US

Hundreds of Indian Students, including Telugus, were detailed in US recently on charges of the Visa Fraud. Two days ago, American Telugu Association confirmed issuance of arrest warrants to 600 students who were overstaying using the fraudulent documents. Around 100 Students were detained on Wednesday itself. The count kept increasing after each passing day.

Government of India has been offering high priority to the US visa fraud case. External Affairs Ministry is in touch with the Indian Embassy in Washington and all the other consulates. 'Soon after we got to known about the detention, We contacted the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security to obtain the list of detained Indian Students,' told the External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson.  

Indian Government came up with the argument that there should be a distinction between those who recruited or enrolled students and students who were duped. External Affairs Ministry has contacted Indian Community Organisations to reach out the detained Students. North America Telugu Society (NATS) offered legal support to Telugu Students who were detained.

Trump Administration kept warning illegal immigrants to leave the country by February 5th or else face stringent actions as per the Immigration law. Neither the detained Students nor their Families knew what gonna happen after February 5th.