India Today exposes who is behind JNU's 5th January attacks

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Till now Delhi police did not arrest any people in the JNU attacks, India Today has nailed the assailants. The first-year student, Akshat Awasthi of the French degree program at the JNU, identified himself in the footage of Sunday’s attack, he is an ABVP activist. He is a resident of Kaveri hostel on campus.

In the video, he was armed with sticks and face covered with a helmet, rushing on the corridors, knocking anything or anyone, who comes on his way. The India Today reporter asked what is it on your hand, then he replied it was the stick, I pulled it out from a flag lying near the hostel. The assailant revealed the motive of the attack, Awasthi said that it was the reaction to their action.

When the India Today reporter asked how did you people mobilise the attack, then Awasthi said that 20 students of the JNU were ABVP activists and 20 students came from outside. He also told he mobilised the attack, he gave all the orders to the students to mobilise the attack.

A student Rohit Shah said that he gave the helmet to the Awasthi and he also said it must be careful when we break a glass. Awasthi claimed that police encouraged them to beat the students. India Today reporter asked, why did the students wear the mask and attacked the campus, Awasthi said we copied it, the Left came with masks and we did the same. 
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