India - Great Country, Stupid Trade: Trump

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US President Donald Trump didn't mind saying India is a great country but it has got a stupid trade. He asked his Administration to work on what needs to be done by highlighting India charges over 100 percent tariffs on several products imported from the United States. 'What India is charging us? What a great country, great friend, PM Narendra Modi...Charging us over of 100 percent tariff. Whereas, US kept charging nothing for similar or same products,' he pointed out at the Republican Jewish Coalition in Las Vegas.

These comments of Trump arrived days after he called India as one of the World's Highest Taxing Nations. According to him, India is a tariff king and it continues to impose high tariffs on American Products.

Trump admitted he continued to receive resistance from Senators over the proposal to impose reciprocal tariff on India. He went on to say a solution has to be found out for the unfair trade practices of India. 'It's these stupid trades which cost US $800 billion per year. Who are making these deals? Democrats did! We will be going to give back,' stressed US President.  

The outcry of Trump on high tariff on Harley Davidson bikes made India reduce the tax from 100 percent to 50 percent. Not satisfied with it, Trump is trying to make India slash the tax on other Imports as well.

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