India Charging US Big Tariffs: Trump

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US President Donald Trump kept complaining about the high tariffs India has been imposing on the American Products. He raised the same issue yet again highlighting the big tariffs on American Paper Products and Harley-Davidson Bikes.

Mr.Trump says United States has been losing billions of dollars because of the high tariffs being charged by India, China and Japan. 'Every country kept ripping off America for years. For decades, We kept losing tens of billions of dollars to China, Japan and India. Name any country and we lost, but we aren't gonna lose anymore,' he said while addressing a Republican Political Rally in Wisconsin State's Green Bay City.

The US President pointed out US charged zero tariffs on foreign paper products but China, India and Vietnam change big tariffs when Wisconsin Paper Companies export. He stressed people of US want a government which puts America first.

Trump talked about the new trade deal he is hopeful of getting approved in the house to find a solution for what happened for decades. If this trade deal gets passed, Other Nations will end up losing huge revenue they were receiving from US products.
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