Imran Khan Threatens World With Nuclear War

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Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan threatened the World with a nuclear war if the global community doesn't pay attention to the Kashmir dispute between the two nations. He cautioned the World to be prepared for dire consequences if nothing is being done to stop alleged assault of India on Kashmir People. 'Direct Military Confrontation between two Nuclear-Armed States could be dangerous,' warns Pak PM.

Recently, India's Defence Minister issued a warning to Pakistan by saying 'no first use' policy on nuclear weapons will depend on circumstances.

Imran Khan stressed Pakistan and India will have to come out of zero-sum mindset to resolve Kashmir Dispute. He points out India's first PM Nehru and the Security Council resolutions guaranteed right to self-determination of the Kashmiris.

Pak PM declared dialogue would only begin when India withdraws all the restrictions on the Kashmiris. He claimed to be willing to bring the situation to normalcy by settling Kashmir dispute and improving trade relations.

As UNSC Resolutions, Pakistan has to vacate the part of Jammu and Kashmir it has occupied and this region is known as Azad Jammu and Kashmir. May be, Imran Khan have no idea about this resolution his country has to follow.

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