Ileana Talks About Break-Up & Silences Troll

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Break-Up Reports went viral ever since Ileana D'Cruz deleted the photographs of her longtime boyfriend Andrew Kneebone from her social media handle. The 'Barfi' Actress broke her silence on the separation, 'In life you're going to lose friends, family & partners, but no matter who walks out of your life, never lose yourself. the most important things to learn how to do is to love yourself when u feel unloved by those around u & be there for yourself when you feel like u have no one'.

Other Two Messages from Ileana, 'She kept a fire that burned fairy tales, knowing she is a story on her own' and 'Smile of heaven, with fire in her eyes' reflect the heartbreak she suffered.

During the 'Ask Me Anything' Session on Instagram, A Netizen questioned Ileana when did she lose her virginity. Quickly, The Hip Beauty silenced him by responding in this manner: 'Wow. Nosy, much? What would your mother say? Tsk tsk'.
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