Ilayathalapathi Vijay as Tamil Nadu "CM"?

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In the politically charged and poll-bound Tamil Nadu, a film star is the most feared man. Any film star of any worth might suddenly announce his entry into politics and might upset the apple-cart of the contenders. MGR had upset Karunanidhi's chances. Jayalalitha then threw her hat in the ring and reigned supreme for decades. Vijayakanth, Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, Sharat Kumar and Murali.... the list is endless.

So, when suddenly posters sprouted all over Tamil Nadu hailing Tamil hero Ilayadalapath Vijay Antony as CM, there was a flutter. Everyone was surprised to see these posters. The politicos were surprised and the political class began chattering about how Vijay's entry would impact the Tamil politics. It is a known fact that Vijay has a huge fan following and his support base extends throughout the state.

But, soon everyone was relieved when they read the text on the posters. It said Vijay was CM because he is 'collection master," as his films are known for breaking the records at the boxoffice. The politicians heaved a sigh of relief thanking stars that Vijay is not starting a new political party.
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