If He Can't Be There, His Cutout Is Enough!

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here is a popular punchline in Gabbar Singh Telugu movie, "Inspector sent his cutout with me, he said if a person is strong enough his cutout is enough!"

As a mark of his strength comedian uses the cutout of hero to get back at the villain gang. But the Flying Colors, Telugu Comedian group, decided that if they have love for a person then they can use his cutout to make him part of celebration, even if he couldn't be there.

All popular and young comedians of Telugu Film Industry, decided to show their solidarity with this one gesture and we love it.

Vennela Kishore is the initiatior of forming a group - Flying Colors and he proposed for all comedians to meet every month and  party.  One of them has to host for all others.

Satyam Rajesh's turn came this month and he wanted Vennela Kishore to make it some how, as the comedian couldn't, all of the group decided to use his cutout and tag him on social media.

Vennela Kishore himself shared the photo and said that even his heart is their with them. What a show of solidarity?!

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