I'm Not An Alcoholic Says Shruthi Hassan

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Shruthi Hassan admitted to enjoying drinking alcohol and she said that she doesn't want to touch it for at least few years now, in a chat show.

These comments got converted into her being a deadly alcoholic and recovering addict in the media. She expressed her frustration over that.

She said that she enjoys drinking like any other person these days. She remarked that even in 2019, if people can't accept that they drink alcohol, then the false pretence will never go from our society.

She clarified that she wasn't in depression about love affair and other things in her life. She wanted to take time off from acting and explore her other skills, so she chose to stay away from films, not because of health, she asserted.

She revealed that she felt at home in London even though she was a stranger after two to three months. She said that she enjoyed life there and will return back in December.

She did not talk about her films but said she has several singles coming up. She signed a Hindi film and is shooting for a film with Vijay Sethupathi, in Tamil.
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