IT Raids On TDP Leaders: 2000 Crores Worth Of Corruption Unearthed!

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On 6th February, Central Board of Direct Taxes, in short, IT Department conducted search operations at several important TDP leaders offices, homes and other properties.

The search went on for two to three days and officials then just said that they have seized several documents and cash, but did not give out any details.

On 13th February, they gave out an official press release statement stating that more 2000 crores worth unaccounted money transactions have been unearthed in the documents they have seized. They did not mention if the money belongs to TDP leaders or their associates clearly.

The IT department without stating the names of the leaders and places they collected the data, stated that they collected incriminating evidence that they found evidence for an amount worth of Rs. 2000 crores being misplaced in the form of shell companies with bogus deals to sub-contractors and non-existing entities.

Pundits are claiming that this means that the several leaders or their associates are involved in misplacing public and government funds. All documents supporting the claims are not yet revealed by IT department and for now, these can be just speculations.

IT officials also announced that they seized cash worth of Rs. 85 lakhs and gold worth of Rs. 71 lakhs from these properties. They have seized a total of 25 bank lockers as well.

The clarity regarding the names of the leaders or their associates is still to arrive. This will definitely be used to by other parties to state that TDP party officials were involved in scams and corruption but until IT department charges anyone, we can only state that these are allegations and speculations.

But 2000 crores worth of public funds have been misplaced and misused. We do need answers about who are all involved. Let's wait for IT department to announce their official charges!

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