Crores Of Money Found At Kalki Ashram

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The IT Department is continuing its raids at Controversial Godsman Kalki's Ashrams and properties for four days. Officials were shocked looking at the assets found. According to the reports, officials found many bundles of currencies including the foreign currency and Kilos of gold and many documents. In the raids that were conducted recently at the White lotus and found cash, Gold and important documents from there.

According to the reports 90 kilos of gold, Diamonds worth 5 crores and 44 crores cash were found. US currency worth 20 crores was also found.

The officials were investigating the undisclosed income of more than 500 crores. The raids were taken place at a time at Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Chittor. More than 300 officers were involved in this operation.

Currently, Vijay Kumar who claims himself as Kalki went absconding. Reportedly his son is not giving correct information on the assets. The investigation is taking place at a full pace. Officials have found that Kalki has purchased thousands of acres of land not only in India but also in other countries such as Arabic, Kenya, and Africa.

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